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Day-trippers, weekenders and holidaymakers from all over Germany come to the regions offered.  They are active, open-minded, high-income, high-spending and mostly belong to the upper-middle class.
They are well-educated, hold managerial positions and are affluent.

More important is the fact that our audience enjoys the outdoors in the mountains:
Skiers and snowboarders, from the traditional skiing on the pistes to off-piste freeriding
Nordic Walkers and hikers, enjoying the peace and quiet or the activity, but most of all the fantastic view of the mountains
Alpinists and climbers, seeking the challenge of the mountains
Paragliders or hang-gliders, taking the breathtaking scenery as backdrop to exercise this sport
Mountain bikers and downhill bikers, the fastest among the friends of the mountains, riding many kilometres up and down the mountain
People looking for recreation and nature lovers, attracted by fauna and flora as well as by the beauty of the mountains

The one thing they all share is an enthusiasm for the mountains. That’s what sitour stands for.


According to statistics, more than 7 million people use German mountain railways during the holiday, on the weekend or on a daytrip. This equals about 10% of the total population.

Multiple-use makes many million transports / impressions per year. Regional cable cars or ski lifts transport 100.000 to more than 1 million passengers a year.

In an international context this means that about a quarter of the world’s tourism takes place in the Alps.
Individual support and unconventional solutions to achieve more attention and high recall.

Cost per mille

Regional cable cars or ski lifts transport 100.000 to more than 1 million passengers per year. The average cost per mille about 5,98 euros, depending on advertising space and network.

And that in a very interesting and affluent audience.