For more than 50 years sitour has been leading the way through the mountains with ski trail markers and panorama trail maps. We are the world’s leader in supplying this specialised information.

Our information and wayfinding signs are high-quality and eye-catching advertising media, located in an environment that creates a very positive atmosphere: holiday, hiking, skiing and snowboarding are the concerns of your audience. We offer this environment not only in Germany, but in all international mountainous regions from Aspen to Zürs.

We complete and optimise our offer with special advertising spaces located at exposed and highly-frequented spots near lifts and in tourist centres.
Even though we offer a wide range of advertising opportunities, we respect nature and know about its recreational importance and do not clutter this environment with intrusive advertising. We focus on our special advertising spaces at highly-frequented meeting places and aim at a uniform and “tidy” picture. This is the only way to use the positive image transfer of the mountains for our customers’ products and messages without undermining their advertising impact.